Ultimate Guide to Painting Your Home Like A Professional

Ultimate Guide to Painting Your Home Like A Professional

Painting your own house can be both fun and tricky. While hiring a professional may save time and energy, it can also cost you the greens. Decorating, painting and setting up your personal space can be very intimate activities. Your home certainly speaks volumes of who you are as a person or as a unit. The characteristics of your personality or your family are well portrayed with the colours and decor of your home. We come across many people who make painting a fun family activity and some who do it for their personal touch; if you too are inclined towards the idea of the painting, you don’t have to worry an ounce because you don’t have to be a professional painter. However, there are chances that if you do not follow the appropriate techniques, the painting project you have started could turn sour. Here’s a step-by-step guide to painting your home like an expert; however, for a more professional approach, call villa construction service in Dubai for all your painting needs at a reasonable price.


Before you pick the paint bucket and brush, it is essential to evaluate the areas that require painting. If your house is new, then you have to buy paint for the entire home, but if you are painting certain sections of your house, then it is essential you know the quality of paint required. Once this is done right, then the next step is simple.

Remove any Obstacles

Painting can get a lot messy; hence to protect your household items, it is essential to cover or remove them. It is impossible to paint over or with the things present in the house, and you can choose to cover the items like mirrors, hangings, security cameras, doorbells, and more before painting the house.

Mend any Broken Areas

When the house is fully furnished, it is difficult to shift the household items to fix a broken wall or fill the gap in the wall. Most of the time, we let it go, thereby further aggravating the problem. Painting is the best time when all the furniture is taken out and the house is empty. It is the best time to fix any broken walls, conceal any gaps, and do a little bit of renovation work while the household items are out in the open.

Remove the Old Paint

It is never advisable to paint a new colour over old paint. First and foremost, all professional painters scrub the old paint leaving the walls clean and clear. Old colours are flaky and, over time, develop bulges due to the water clogging. Painting a new coat of paint over these brittle walls will not hold the fresh paint making it look heavy and shabby.

Add Primer to The Wall

Now that the house walls are fixed and scrubbed off any residue, it’s time to whitewash the walls with primer. One of the advantages of using a primer before painting is covering any sores or holes in the walls. Primers provide a smooth surface for the paint giving it a finished look. All professional painters will advise not to skip primer before painting the walls of your home.

Choose A Colour And Start Painting

Many colours are available: water-based, oil-based, Metallic textured paints, Enamel Paints, and more. Depending on the type of wall surface and the location of your house, it is best to choose the colour accordingly. Choose bright colours to paint the house’s exterior, while subtle colours with a contracting wall can be your interior choice.

Irrespective of your choice, make sure you consult a few places for the best paint prices or consult a villa construction company to paint your home for the best results.

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