Sofa Cum Bed Designs for Your Home

Sofa Cum Bed Designs for Your Home

The sofa cum bed is widely popular. They can help you save space in your house. The multitasking attribute of these movables makes them famous amongst the people. You don’t have to worry about how to accommodate your guests in your small space. Having these movables can solve lots of problems. You can enjoy your leisure time and relax on these movables in the daytime and just turn it into a bed and have a soundless sleep. Some of the models even have space for extra storage, which you can use for storing. You also don’t have to worry about the looks of your house as these movables can give an additional glamour to your small space. There are a vast number of benefits of this furniture. This movable sofa cum bed is also available in several designs so that you can select the right one as per your need and convenience.

Read on to know more about the various designs available for this movable and the right home renovation companies in Dubai that help you get the best designs.

Benefits of having sofa cum bed

There are a wide number of benefits of having these movables in your home, which makes this widely popular.

  • They take up very little space. Even for low-res space houses, these movables provide an aesthetic look. You do not have to worry about where you can accommodate your guests and make them comfortable. This multifunctionality piece of movables is best for serving your guests.
  • The sofa cum bed is evergreen. Because of its storage facility and its space-saving factor, the demand for these movables has always remained high.
  • It makes the house look organized. The storing feature available in these movables is an additional benefit. It makes the house look organized and aesthetic at the same time.

Pull out pop-ups

It is one of the most common designs. The mattress remains hidden under the movables and only needs to be pulled out at the time of sleep. When pulled, the mattress pops up and converts into a bed. The name is also derived from the same. This design is mainly typical in houses with low space. This model of movables is comfortable. There is a balance between comfort, pricing, and convenience with this model. This makes it one of the most popular designs. This model won’t cost you a bomb, and you can properly use your space.


Comfort is a must for every individual. When you come back home from an exhausting day at work, you crave to spend some comfortable time with your friends and family. This model of movables is perfect for your comfort. Whether you love to chat with your friends or binge-watch some shows, you can enjoy your comfort on your futons. Want to relax more by lying down on your bed? You can convert it to a bed itself. This model is inspired by Japanese invention and is molded with technology to provide you with the right comfort and they are mainly made of quilts and mattresses.

Standard Foldouts

This model is mainly used for unorganized houses with insufficient space. You can give a classy look to your house with this furniture. You surely have worried about making the stay comfortable for your guests. This model is the right choice for you. This model is made of pillows and bolsters on its inner side. While the outer sofa is firm and sturdy, the inside gives you a cushiony feeling. You can give your guests the comfort of their own home right at your home. The additional storage space provided by this model is a bonus that you can use to make your house look organized and clean to your guests.


With a little investment, you can make your own little space attractive. This model is not comfortable, but you can still use it for your power nap. It is made of wood and metal and can be converted into a bed. The upper part is not covered with bolsters. You can opt for the right design as per your choice and wants and make your little space look beautiful. You can further make your selection better by selecting the correct home renovation company in Dubai.