Give Your House A Grand Entrance with These Tips

Give Your House A Grand Entrance with These Tips

The entrance of the house is the first thing visitors notice when they visit your home. A beautifully designed entrance with the right lighting, proper artifacts creates a lasting impression on your guests. The entry to your home must be warm, pleasant, welcoming and must be of the correct size. A cramped up entrance makes the guests uncomfortable and may even rush them towards the living area. More oversized doorways always bring in positive vibes along with fresh air and bright sunlight.

Many home renovation services in Dubai provide unique ideas to design and renovate your living spaces, and their expert knowledge will guide you towards your dream home. However, if you are a person who has unique home designing ideas of your own, then you can create a magnificent entrance yourself. You can add a touch of sophistication to your house entrance without being an architect or a professional interior designer. With these tips mentioned in our article, you can surely give your house a grand entrance.

Enhance the Outdoor Space

If your entrance has a garden at the entrance, it is best to enhance the look of your garden. Add a little landscaping to the outdoor pouch to make it look grand and welcoming. Add a hand-loomed welcome mat with some indoor plants at the side of the entrance. If your entrance is spacious, then you can add some furniture. Make sure you don’t overdo the furniture, or else the space will look over-furnished. Keep it simple yet elegant—just enough room for people to walk freely and have a quiet chat before saying goodbye.

Choose A Subtle Colour

Colours add uniqueness to your home. A house can look very loud and clustered when you add a bright colour to it. Similarly, subtle colours can give a soothing feeling to your visitors or passersby. If you have a narrow entrance, do not add bright colour. Add a lovely door hanging or a welcome plate to the door to make it look elegant. Choose the door polish according to the overall look of the house. Before finalizing the house’s colours, it is best to try a few on the outer wall, and it will give you a clear idea of what looks better.


Many times, you must have entered or come across houses with bright lights. They are so mighty that it is difficult even to notice the rest of the house at times. Add minimum light as per the requirement, and make sure to stick to warm lights since it’s not too flashy or on your face. Your entrance does not need a mighty bulk. Gate lights or outdoor lights will do just right, thereby giving it an esthetic look. Your garden can have solar light if possible. These little lights light on their own, creating a little runway look to the pouch.

Add Decent Fixtures to The Entrance Walls

You can add small handcrafted items you picked up when you were on holiday to the Caribbean islands or souvenirs to the walls next to the entrance. These artifacts will add beauty and will define your personality. Antique shops down the streets might have the correct fixture for your entryway. No matter what you decide on hanging on the walls, make sure you keep it minimal and something that has a story to it.

Keep the Surroundings Green

Green is the colour that brings peace and tranquility to mind. Having greenery around you makes the person calm and composed. Imagine an entrance with beautiful plants surrounding it. It will be a perfect sit-out area besides being the most exciting part of your house. Hang a few planters on either side of the entrance. These planters can be made of fibre cords or simple jute roles.

No matter what you choose for your house entrance, make sure you do with all your heart because it is your home, and your home should reflect your personality. If you want expert assistance to redecorate your home, you can contact a renovation company Dubai have unique and creative ideas.

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