Confused Between Traditional or Modern Style? Transitional Is For You!

Why Transitional Style is Best For Villa Owners

Do you want to build a new house or renovate an existing one but can’t decide on a style? Is it a toss-up between a traditional style with plush furniture and classic designs and a modern style with sleek, clean lines? You’ll be pleased to find that they’re both available in the current transitional style.

The elegant luxury transitional design allows you to mix and match components from both traditional and modern styles, resulting in a comfortable, classic, and fashionable fusion.

One of the key advantages of designing a bespoke transitional home is the ability to pick and choose your preferred aspects from each style without losing the end product’s appearance, value, or quality.

So, how do you go about doing this, and what factors should you consider?

To begin, let’s look at some basic concepts of classic and modern styles.

The traditional style is a design and architectural style that is based on historic European classic styles. Crown molding, wainscot, chair rail, and coffered ceilings are used, as well as natural materials like wood.

Minimalism, clean-sleek lines, tapering legs, and precise angles are all hallmarks of modern design, which creates an open, airy atmosphere. Glass, metal, and concrete are among the materials used.

The transitional design is a blend that incorporates the traditional style’s soft lines and comfy furnishings without the fuss while maintaining the color palettes and sleek modern styling.

Below we discuss elements to consider when designing a transitional style villa by your chosen villa construction company in Dubai.

Neutral Color Scheme

Consider sticking to a conventional color scheme of grey, sand, or white, and add bold accessories for an added contrast.

Keep it Simple

Avoid going overboard with the ornate details. In order to maintain the modern style, elaborate crown molding and wainscot should be kept at bay. Simplicity is the way to go!

Play with Lighting

Transitional lighting incorporates contemporary lighting and is a fun way to upgrade the overall look of your house. Lighting can make a huge difference in a room, and as more options keep coming, the popularity rises. As a focal point, choose an eye-catching contemporary chandelier or molecular light.

Choose Metallics

Metallic accents are prevalent in today’s current transitional style since they blend in with any design style. Faucets, lighting, side tables, and accessories can all be done in gold, bronze, or copper.

Carpet Styles

Transitional design incorporates the use of carpet for texture, and they serve to anchor the room’s furniture, provide color, and provide plush luxury underfoot. Traditional woven or knotted carpets can give texture and pattern, and neutral colors are chosen to match the design.

Modern Art

Transitioning from traditional to transitional can also be accomplished through modern art. Accents are quite important in a transitional style home, and they can transform the design from modern to classic. To create a dramatic focal point, choose your favorite contemporary artwork. The best strategy is to keep it simple is to avoid overplaying it.

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