Color of The Year – What It Is and How You Can Style Your Home Using It

Color of The Year – What It Is and How You Can Style Your Home Using It

Every year, the Pantone Color Institute announces which color is to be called the color of the Year, and this year was no different. This year, the color authority has chosen Periwinkle, or Very Peri, as The One for 2022. This calls for using this unique color while styling and furnishing a house. What is the periwinkle color?

Periwinkle, or as Pantone has named it, ‘Very Peri’, is an extraordinary blue shade with a purple hue. It is mostly made by mixing the famous periwinkle blue with an undertone that is more on the reddish-purplish side. Pantone chose this color because the significance of this color is in tandem with the theme of the time we are living in – optimism, hope, and positive energy. Here’s how you can incorporate this beautiful shade into the styling and furnishing of your house. Try some of the best interior fit-out companies in Dubai to style your home.

Periwinkle Fabrics

Experimenting with colors in your home decor, no matter how beautiful the color, always seems risky at first. If you don’t want drastic changes in their home decor and interior design, you could go for soft furnishings that can be of the periwinkle shade. For instance, the types of Furnishing that include any kind of fabric can be a good way to test the color out. Periwinkle bed sheets, blankets, curtains, table spread, cushion covers, sofa covers, and rugs are certainly a good addition if they are available with various pattern prints. It would look even better if they complimented the look of the surrounding furniture and interior design.

Periwinkle Accent Walls

While white walls create a perfect minimalistic aesthetic, sometimes it is essential to add a pop of color to one of the white walls so that the interior design does not seem monotonous and boring. This is exactly why a periwinkle-colored accent wall will be a perfect fit in these kinds of situations. By adding a periwinkle accent wall to your home decor, you can easily accentuate the spaciousness, style as well as actual style of your house. In bedrooms and living rooms, the addition of this cool-toned color will have a similar calming effect on your nerves. Be it paint or wallpaper; a periwinkle wall would add a nice touch.

Periwinkle Accessories

Despite being a beautiful color, you might not want the color as a permanent addition to your home decor. If having such a bold hue permanently in your home is a problem, then you can always go for temporary accessories that are in the shade periwinkle. Craft vases, periwinkle light fixtures, abstract art pieces or showpieces in the shade of periwinkle, or any other periwinkle accessories might work wonders by adding a splash of color to your home decor. This will allow you to have the color of the year as a part of your renewed style and theme of home decor without committing to it permanently.

Periwinkle Furnishings

Periwinkle statement furnishing is a great way of highlighting the best features of your living room and bedroom. The wardrobe, shelves, and other furniture elements can be made a single pop of color in a room due to the periwinkle shade. Even the bed is an ideal piece of furniture to paint in the shade of periwinkle. A statement look with your accessories and another decor in one color and the statement furniture in the periwinkle shade might also transform your house’s current look and style. You can also become a bit experimental and try out a periwinkle couch or cupboard just to add a bit of funkiness to your home design.

Periwinkle Wall or Floor Tiles

Very Peri or the periwinkle hue can be an ideal addition to the wall tiles or kitchen tiles to give them a sort of modular yet rustic touch. One creative way to use the color in floor tiles is to use tiles of various shades of periwinkle and install them in the order of increasing or decreasing gradient while the remaining furnishing may remain white or any other light color. You can also get involved in a DIY project where you can paint your walls, bookshelves, or cupboards with the Very Peri shade. These ideas for colorful floor and wall tiles are the ideal addition to any child’s bedroom, too, since they would lighten up the theme of the look.

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