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Modern home renovation and design, like the era itself, is filled with diverse and distinctive styles. It is a perfect combination of comfort, aesthetic excellence, and functionality. As one of the best construction companies in the UAE, Projeco offers stylish and modern home remodeling services. We have been in the interior fit-out business for years and have worked on multiple projects. Our home renovation specialists will give your abode a modern look you have always dreamed of.

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Style Features for a Modern Home Renovation



The main trends are simplicity and functionality. The progressive rhythm of life is reflected in the innovative approach of interior design when you are renovating a home in a modern style. Increasingly, high-tech design is used, which includes various kinds of accents: light lamps and fixtures, an abundance of glass, mirrors, chrome and modern plastic, and, of course, new technology.

The Openness of Space

The Openness of Space

The constituent features of modernist styles are bold and original ideas; various experiments with color, geometry, and texture; maximum light, minimum decor; various abstractions. Luxury and excess are out of place in a modern home remodeling project. Stylishness and prosperity are compensated by the presence of engineering structures and individual design elements of decoration, furniture, and decor. Our skilled team will take your design and concept and bring it to life with our home renovation services.

Colors & Accents

Colors & Accents

Monochrome colors and light shades will help to increase the volume of the room visually. With the help of different levels and “stretch” ceilings, you can achieve their visual rise. Use of mirrors (from floor to ceiling), chrome surfaces, and plastic gloss. Smooth floor coverings (made of porcelain stoneware, natural stone, or wood) reflect the glare coming from various lighting, lamps, and sconces and also expand the space.

Furniture Style

Furniture Style

Creative furniture will help to cheer up and activate the creative process. Along with clear lines, the presence of abstract and fantastic forms is possible. Hire our home renovation specialists to find exclusive and modern design solutions for a home remodel.

Why Choose Projeco for Your Modern Home Remodel?

Quality Services

We are dedicated to delivering on our promises to our customers. There is no compromise on quality. The expert crew works around the clock to achieve the look you want. We exclusively use high-quality materials for our home remodeling projects, so our clients never have any complaints.

Timely Deliveries

We never make our customers wait. Our primary goal is to always meet the timeframes we set for our clients. We appreciate the importance and urgency of remodeling a house. Our objective is to complete your house repairs and renovation on schedule.

Innovative & Inventive

Our skilled designers and construction team work together to build your dream home. The efforts are focused on achieving the final appearance that the customer had envisioned. They constantly keep the client’s needs in mind and work around their vision.

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