About Us

About us. About Projeco Contracting LLC. More than an idea, a need for of filling a market gap between cheap, unreliable, quality failing or very expensive contractors, the founder himself being a victim of such lack of offer back in 2009 in the UAE.

The best ideas often come up from a real need, when searching something which is needed. Started the company. Hired a few craftsmen. And here we are today with tens of projects successfully completed and with 100% rate of returning customers, two divisions, 6 experienced qualified engineers and very highly skilled workers made of technicians and craftsmen.

Projeco Contracting has its own in house team for all types of works: Masonry, HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing, Carpentry and Painting. We are fully independent for most activities.

About You

About us – explains who we are and how we were conceived. But we exist thanks to our client, so it’s About You.

Why Us?

We could explain the content written in the “About Us” paragraph. We could attempt to convince you that we are honest, reliable, ethical, hard working and simply the best. But you have already hear that. How about if we say that we shall not suggest any unnecessary works? That’s right. Additional works for contractors means money. But for us your satisfaction means work continuity. Legacy. Word of mouth. Therefore means much, much more. Means trust.

When a client calls we answer. We are on duty 24/7 with a UAE toll free number through which we can be reached for emergencies.

Strong of tens of specialized an experienced workers, our teams are individually independent and self sufficient.

Our experience of a decade can be used to obtain the best suggestions and tips for improvements and money saving.

Our Nature

About Us means also about our most important asset. The people. Our success continuity can only be guaranteed by our people being motivated and loving their job. They wake up and we make sure they are happy and have the required infrastructure, instruments and heart to start their working day ready for challenges and to constantly improve their skills and results.

While some staff is linked to our business since its inception, others joined us during the growth. While navigating through many adventures and market conditions, at time difficult, we have always retained our resources and this is the reason why loyalty when it works in both directions pays back. And it did pay back.


“The company is clearly skilled in his field and Projeco team certainly proved to be a partner that matches our expectation. We truly recommend Projeco Contracting LLC to anyone who looks for a guaranteed quality ofservices level. ”

Roots Hospitality LLC


Cheeky Monkeys

““Projeco’s approach in involving owners in all major aspects of the construction with timely updating the construction path and timelines to reflect a true delivery schedule has been extremely helpful in maintaining a tight budget and timeline.”

Cheeky Monkeys


Dinamico Italian Restaurant

Highly recommend partnering with Projeco for the following reasons: Reliability, On Time Delivery, Price/Quality Balance, Professionalism, Network, High Quality Finishing, Follow Up.

Dinamico Italian Restaurant DIFC


“We appreciate the effort witch Projeco team put into those jobs and we can recommend Projeco Contracting LLC as a reliable contractor for the F&B sector.”

Cone Street


No matter how hard we try to convince, there’s nothing like first hand experience and believe what you see. This is why we encourage prospective clients not to trust our words. Visit our past projects. Verify our references. And then, only then, give us a chance to prove that you were right in entrusting us for your projects.